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Creating a Profitable Hotel Distribution Strategy

Learn tips on how to create a profitable hotel distribution strategy from identifying a target market to OTA best practices to rate bracketing.

What is Channel Management?

Effective distribution makes for a profitable hospitality business. Whether you manage an independent hotel, bed-and-breakfast, vacation rental, or hostel, it’s […]

What is the Best Channel Manager for your Hotel?

Hoteliers face an overwhelming number of options when it comes to hotel software. Sometimes it feels like another full-time job […]

Which OTA Should Your Hotel Use? – Infographic

Be sure to check our in-depth analysis of online travel agencies, here.

Analysis of Major OTAs – Update August 2017

Every year, we take a look at the largest and most prominent online travel agencies that are important to our […]

4 Reasons Every Property Benefits from a Channel Manager

Introduction Channel managers are invaluable to properties of all sizes. Once just a “nice-to-have” channel managers have become a virtual […]

The Revenue Management Game

Whenever we present at a conference or give a talk, we play a little game to break the ice. It’s […]

Why Your Property Needs a Rate Checker

Introduction Most property owners, and businesses for that matter, have a few common goals: find ways to make more money, […]

How Shared Inventory and Yield Management Work Together

Introduction Revenue, distribution, and yield management are an ongoing battle for most property owners and managers. There are countless different […]