Standard Operating Procedures: Distribution

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A step-by-step guide for optimizing and diversifying your distribution strategy.

Each OTA has its own criteria for ranking hotel profiles. This criteria frequently changes, requiring property owners to stay on top of any recent changes for all of their connected channels. Here you will find information on what your property can do to help you achieve higher rankings on, Expedia, and Airbnb. 

Additionally, properties should consider everything that will be required to establish partnerships with travel agencies and wholesalers, such as discounted rates, payment policies, and allotment blocks, among others. Here we’ll go over the basics to get you started. 

What do we cover in this guide?

  • Managing rankings on channels 
  • Working with travel agents and wholesalers 

+ FREE Checklist Templates 

  • Getting started checklists for:
    • Airbnb 
    • Expedia 
  • Ongoing checklist – all channels 
  • Monthly checklist – all channels 
  • Quarterly checklist – all Channels 
  • Getting started checklist and ongoing checklist for working with travel agents and wholesalers

Check out Cloudbeds’ resources for more SOPs, articles, eBooks, and webinars to help you run a successful and streamlined lodging business that will keep guests coming back again and again.

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