What is hotel metasearch marketing? The complete guide

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For travelers, planning a vacation can be a lot of work. To save time and money, more travelers are turning to metasearch platforms like Google Hotel Ads, Tripadvisor, and Trivago to search for hotels, conduct price comparisons, and find deals.

And yet, many hotels overlook metasearch in their digital marketing strategy, missing out on opportunities to reach a broader segment of travelers, compete for business with online travel agencies (OTAs), and drive direct bookings.

This guide aims to take the mystery out of metasearch marketing for independent hotels and other types of lodging properties. Download the eBook to discover:

  • What is hotel metasearch?
  • How do hotel metasearch engines work?
  • How does hotel metasearch advertising work?
  • The importance of metasearch marketing for independent properties
  • The 6 best hotel metasearch engines
  • 6 hotel metasearch tips & strategies
  • What independent hotels need to get started on metasearch
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