Cash Management and Automated Reporting Made Simple for Independent Property Owners and Managers

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Manage Multiple Drawers

Set a Cash Drawer for each location at your property. i.e. front desk, convenience shop, pool bar, gift shop.


Keep Track of Each User

Link your cash drawers to users during their shift. Keep track of initial and final balances and each transaction made in cash during that time.


Cash Management and Reporting

Keep track of cash removed from cash drawers and get automated reports at the end of each shift.

Cloudbeds’ cash drawer functionality is a vital part of our overall reporting process. It helps keep all of our operations and performance metrics accurate. – Vietnam Backpacker Hostels

Verify Balances and Shifts

With many employees working different shifts in multiple locations at your property, the cash drawer helps you keep a record of all of your cash transactions.

Cash Drawer Reports

Check detailed information of each shift, including starting and ending balances, expected balance, cash drops, user, etc. Filter by period, user or cash drawer.
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