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Guest expectations have changed. Is your property ready to address the new normal? Or is a lack of technology holding you back?
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Travel trends that will define 2022
Higher guest expectations
Changing booking habits
Macro trends changing the shape of travel
When it comes to travel, 2021 was a year of learning to adapt to the changing realities of the pandemic. We saw the beginnings of “Revenge Travel,” with travelers taking advantage of increased vaccination rates and loosening border restrictions to take trips that they couldn’t in 2020. But despite a decent bounceback this year, Covid-19 continues to disrupt travel plans.
As we move into 2022, we predict another year of wanderlust and pent-up demand. However, the pandemic will continue to strongly influence guest preferences, booking habits, and the industry as a whole. Here are the major trends that will define travel this year, and what they mean for your property.
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guest expecta-
than ever before
After enduring nearly two years of the pandemic, travelers are not only eager to get out, they are ready to go big. They are willing to spend more, indulge in luxurious experiences, and tick off bucket-list items — but they also remain cautious about crowded areas, meaning nature, coastal, and small-town destinations are still preferred. On top of that, guest expectations are higher than ever. The pandemic accelerated digital adoption, meaning that a majority of consumers now expect seamless, frictionless travel experiences supported by mobile and contactless technologies.
of U.S. travelers say they are more willing to treat themselves and spend money on their next trip
Source: Expedia
of travelers agreed they preferred outdoor destinations more now than prior to the pandemic.
Source: STR
of all customer interactions globally are now digital, compared to 36% prior to the pandemic.
Source: McKinsey
of travelers agree that technology will be more important than ever while on vacation
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Changing booking habits
creating unpredictable demand
The pandemic has significantly altered the way travelers plan and book trips. In a year of “Revenge Travel,” this has both advantages and disadvantages for lodging providers. Though demand is high, it remains unpredictable and subject to changing public health restrictions. Travelers have adapted by booking much closer to their stay date or taking advantage of flexible booking policies, frustrating properties with short lead times and last-minute cancellations. However, travelers are also now more likely to stay longer and book direct, which means that savvy properties can capitalize on these new booking trends to drive more revenue and profitability from their guests.
79% of bookings are made within 14 days of stay date, up from 24% in the previous year.
Source: STR
56% of all bookings at independent hotels came from direct channels in 2020, up from 39% in 2019.
Source: Skift
44% of travelers prefer leisure trips of at least 7 nights, with 26% of travelers preferring stays of 10+ nights.
Macro trends
changing the
shape of travel
Even as we learn to live with Covid-19 and settle into a “new normal,” we will still be dealing with macro effects of the pandemic for years to come. Leisure travel is strong and will continue to drive the recovery, but business travel may permanently lag behind due to remote work. Meanwhile, the hospitality industry faces a massive labor shortage, with many experts predicting permanent shifts in staffing levels. The pandemic has also intensified the calls for increased sustainability in the long term, with rising pressure on travel companies to find ways to offset their climate impact and maintain a positive social impact.
A tale of two travel sentiments
The net propensity, or the difference between those more likely and less likely to travel post-pandemic for the following types of travel:
Source: STR
Sustainability: the ideal vs. reality
of travelers say the pandemic has made them want to travel more responsibly in the future.
of travelers would opt for sustainable travel only if it did not inconvenience them.
Source: CNBC
The “Great Resignation” hits hospitality
1 in 3 American workers that have left the hospitality industry say they will not return.
Source: Bloomberg
Current time it takes to fill an open hospitality position in the U.S., up from 4 weeks in 2019.
Source: Skift
Download our 2022 Trends Report for more
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