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7 ways technology can help you run a smoother hotel operation

In this video, Cloudbeds invites Matt Barr, VP of Sales & Customer Success at Breezeway, to share seven ways technology can help lodging businesses run a smoother operation. As we know, technology continues to play a crucial role in hospitality operations as it helps streamline processes and impact guest experience.

After a short introduction explaining what task management is, Matt Barr describes seven ways a task management tool can save time and elevate guest satisfaction:

  1. Streamline housekeeping scheduling
  2. Guest communication
  3. Increase staff efficiency
  4. Prevent costly mistakes
  5. Be proactive with maintenance
  6. Ensure quality and consistency
  7. Utilize data

To learn more about how technology can help you run your business, please check out the article: Mastering efficiency: How a task management tool saves time & elevates guest satisfaction

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