8 Types of Hostels For Every Taste and Travel Style

Alex Gaggioli

By Alex Gaggioli

Hostels have a rich culture dating back to the early 1900s. The idea of hostels began in Germany and appeared in the United States before the 1930s (source). According to Hostelling International USA, there are over 4,000 hostels recording over 33 million overnights in more than 80 countries. Hostels offer a cheap, unique experience to travelers and open new worlds and cultures. They also offer travelers the opportunity to meet people from all over the world.

Whether you are a student ready to party or a history buff looking to sleep in a castle for the night, there is a hostel out there for you.

1. Cheap hostels

These hostels are perfect for students and those on a tight budget. As hostels become more popular, it is easier than ever to find a cheap hostel in almost any city. Travel costs are significantly decreased when travelers decide to stay in hostels.

Nepal, India, and China are some of the cheapest places to travel in the world. The Andes House in Kathmandu, Nepal, features rooms from $8-10 USD per night with standard twin privates, double bed privates, and three-bed privates. Hostel New King in New Delhi, India, is perfect for the highly thrifty traveler. They offer rooms for $2-8 per night.

Picture of a cheap hostel in Nepal.


2. Party Hostels.

Hostels attract many young people, so, unsurprisingly, there are hostels ready to party. Party hostels can feature bars, nightclubs, no curfews, and a lively environment.

The Pink Palace, located in Corfu, Greece, was ranked one of the craziest party hostels by CNN. Featuring its own nightclub, a 24-hour bar, booze cruise, and kayaking adventures, guests of Pink Palace are guaranteed to have a good time. Other hostels that made CNN’s list include:

  • Loki Hostel in Cusco, Peru
  • Flying Pig Downtown Hostel in Amsterdam
  • St. Christopher’s Village in London
  • X Hostel in Varna, Bulgaria
  • The Rising Cock Hostel in Lagos
  • Portugal, Base in Melbourne, Australia
  • Miami Beach Hostel in Miami, Florida
  • Milhouse Hostel in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • and Wombat’s City Hostel in Berlin, Germany

Picture of Pink Palace, a party hostel located in Greece.


3. Activity or Adventure Hostels

Thrill-seeking travelers should look for adventure hostels. From picture-perfect surf spots in Brazil to ideal skiing conditions in Austria, an adventure is waiting. Hostelbookers identify Shreeban Rock Climbing Nature Camp in Patel, Prague, as another excellent adventure hostel.

Shreeban Rock Climbing Nature Camp offers incredible views, experienced rock climbing, and hang-gliding. Hostelbookers also lists Voss Youth Hostel in Nepal and Snowbunny’s Backpackers in Austria as other great activity hostels.

Picture of an adventure hostel for thrill-seeking

4. Eco-hostels

Eco-hostels are perfect for environmentally conscious travelers. Guests can save money and the earth at the same time. Hotels often consume a lot of energy, and eco-hostels aim to cut down on travel waste.

Picture of an eco-friendly hostel located in Iceland


5. Flashpacking or Luxury Hostels

These properties feature upscale amenities and unique chicness. These hostels are great for travelers who have a little extra cash to spend and enjoy extras such as larger private rooms, upscale decor, and more convenient locations. For example, The Bowery House in New York City offers Mahogany bars, leather couches, and a rooftop garden at hostel prices.

Other luxury hostels include Hostel Equity Point located in Morocco.

6. Quirky, weird, and out of the ordinary hostels

Quirky hostels are pretty prominent around the world, especially in regions with a lot of history. Travelers who are seeking exotic accommodations should check out these very unique hostels. Zhangzhou Wei Qun Lou Inn, located in China, was inspired by UFOs, according to Hostelbookers. The building itself is a symbol of the wisdom and diligence of the Hakka people. At night, the light of the red lanterns hanging on each floor makes guests feel like they are in a fairy world.

Other quirky hostels listed by hostelbookers.com include Travelers’ Cave Pension located in Cappadocia, Turkey, or Bayram’s Treehouses, also found in Turkey.

Picture of a family-friendly hostel located on the beaches of Australia.


7. Family Hostels

These hostels are great for… you guessed it… families. Many hostels welcome families and offer special amenities such as larger rooms to fit everyone in the same space. Other typical features include game rooms, family-friendly activities, and tighter restrictions such as earlier curfews. It’s been reported that the Villa Saint Exupery Gardens in Nice, France has accommodations suited for families such as family appropriate activities like horseback riding, sailing, and yoga.

Other great family hostels include the Sydney Beachouse Backpackers YHA in Australia and the Saban Treehouse, Olympos located in Turkey.

Picture of a historic hostel located in England

8. Historic hostels

Historic hostels are common in countries with long histories and rich cultures. Former prisons, renovated brothels, convents, and castles are just a few of the hostels you will find when looking for a more historic property. For example, Castle Rock Hostel in Edinburgh, Scotland was built in 1846 and turned into a hostel in 1997. Guests can sleep and dine where royals once did while enjoying beautiful decor and old-time vibes.

As you can see, there are many different types of hostels. Will you party all night in Greece, slumber in a treetop bungalow, or sleep in an old jail cell? Finding the right adventure has never been easier. Where will your next hostel stay be?

Published on 23 June, 2015
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