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  1. Christian Kameir

    There is no such thing as an “Online Travel Agency”. Expedia, Priceline etc. are not agencies by any stretch of the imagination. They are ADVERTISING companies making the majority of their money from pay-per-click arbitrage. Priceline and Exepdia each send more than $1B/$1.5B a year to Google.

    Expedia annual report:

    1. Alex Gaggioli Post author

      Hi there, the list is updated in terms of OTA commissions. As the article mentions, many of the larger OTAs (Expedia,, etc.) require you to negotiate a commission, but they are almost always larger than 10%. The OTAs that have the lowest commission rates include Airbnb, Flipkey Gomio, and There are many different OTAs, so I suggest looking around to find the best ones for your property. -Alex


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