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It’s not a fad: The 7 hospitality trends that are here to stay

When it comes to the hospitality industry, it’s not always easy to discern a fad from a trend. But it’s […]

2019 Hospitality Industry Trends

As our company and team has grown tremendously over the last year, Cloudbeds now has over 200 employees with multiple […]

Cloudbeds Q&A: Lub d’s Simon Morley on How Asian Millennial Travelers are Shaping the Travel Market

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How Hotels, Hostels and B&Bs can Level the Playing Field with Metasearch Advertising

When it comes to common online searches like, “how does Bitcoin work,” “what’s a fidget spinner,” or “best boutique hotel […]

What to look for in a Property Management System (PMS)

In the world of hospitality management, there are a number of daily tasks to oversee. A property management system (PMS), […]

A Definitive Guide to Working with Travel Bloggers

Why Work with Travel Bloggers? So you want to cast a wider net with your marketing efforts, getting your hotel […]

How the Sharing Economy Influences Hospitality

The sharing economy is the tech world’s latest favorite buzzword. Although I personally hear the word all the time, I […]

Hospitality Marketing Trends 2018

Introduction As the hospitality industry continues to grow and independent properties gain even more traction, it’s key to look into […]

3 Ways Hotels Can Use Virtual Reality in the Future

Introduction Virtual reality is one of the hottest buzzwords in hospitality and technology right now. The trend is a natural […]