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CloudTalks Special – OTAs, Metasearch and the Future of Distribution. Here’s How Your Property Can Benefit.

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The pandemic has changed the decades-long relationship between metasearch and OTA partners. Metasearch partners are tired of being an intermediary and OTAs are fighting to build brands big enough to drive direct traffic. What does this mean for your property going forward?

Join Cloudbeds’ Sebastien Leitner, Richard Brosal of Jet Luxury Resorts, and Bobby Mikulas of Kinship Landing for an engaging discussion about the current state of the metasearch vs OTA battle as well as their vision for the future of distribution. Plus, learn how your property can navigate the current landscape to minimize your distribution costs, decrease your reliance on OTAs, increase your booking rates, and attract new guests!


Bobby Mikulas
CEO & Co-Founder at Kinship Landing
Bobby is a strategic, high-energy, and outcome-driven entrepreneur with a disciplined ability to execute. He has 8 years of professional management experience. His motivation comes from recognizing opportunities for improvement and designing and implementing solutions that synthesize ideas, people, and talent.

Richard Brosal
CEO & Co-Founder at Jet Luxury Resorts

Richard has owned numerous businesses along with working for two public companies over the past 42 years. For a span of ten-plus years, he was the President/CEO of a professional hockey league. He was a partner in a highly technical company that broadcasted live events over the internet. Now he’s a partner with Jet Luxury Resorts located in Las Vegas, Nevada. They recently started a new business, JetLuxInc for the Small Business Traveler. They have now added two sister companies of JetLux Inc, JetLux Hotels & JetLux-U.

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