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Banquet Event Order (BEO) Templates

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Deliver flawless events every time with a banquet event order (BEO).

A banquet event order (BEO) is a document that details every aspect of an event, such as dates, times, location, catering, audio-visual, and other requirements. It serves as a contract that covers all essential event details agreed upon by the guest and the property.

We’ve created a BEO template available in two formats, Google Docs and Google Sheets, for hotel owners. These templates were designed to include the most important fields for three different types of events:

  • General
  • Business meetings
  • Weddings

Feel free to customize the templates to fit your property’s needs.


An effective BEO has 6 essential components:

  1. Contact information: The correct contact information for the client and the event venue should be on the BEO. Ensure that an office and cell phone number are included and that the event name is correct.
  2. Schedule: The schedule includes the setup time, start time, and end time. The client and Event Manager should double-check that the information is correct and finalize the total guest headcount and order of events.
  3. Food and beverage order: Your catering manager should detail every menu item on the BEO, including any specific dietary restrictions, such as vegetarianism, allergies, etc. Ensure this is done not just for food items but for beverages as well. 
  4. Room setup: The room setup outlines every aspect of the space. If it’s a non-standard room setup, include a diagram that is attached to the BEO. You should include major pieces of furniture and decor.
  5. AV/outside vendors: Audiovisual equipment and services are included on a BEO occasionally, but if the venue contracts out their A/V services, there is often a separate contract. Outside vendors and their delivery schedules should also be included.
  6. Contract and signature: A BEO is a binding contract, so most BEOs will include terms and conditions to agree to, along with a line for each party’s signature, title, and date. 


Additional elements on your BEO

An effective BEO needs to be as clear and detailed as possible so that your client and your team have clear expectations for the event. Consider incorporating the following elements to enhance your BEOs:

  • Images: Show photos and mockups of how the space and all essential elements of the event should look, including catering and the space layout.
  • Floorplans: Show exactly where everything needs to be in a visual representation of the room.
  • E-signatures: This can expedite the process of getting your documents signed and certified.
  • Bullet point of every detail: It’s wise to include large and small details to ensure that you put on a memorable event and that nothing gets missed.
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