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How Cloud-based Hotel Software is Changing the Hospitality Industry


By Cloudbeds

Through the emergence of cloud-based hotel software solutions, the hospitality industry has undergone a transformation in the last decade. With cloud-based property management systems only gaining in popularity, the way hoteliers do business has been changed forever.

Transitioning to a cloud-based hotel software solution can seem like a daunting task at first, which may be the reason why some property owners in the hotel industry have been slow to adopt this new technology. But hoteliers are increasingly looking for better service and more integrated technology options, and factors like these are just some of the benefits that cloud-based software can provide. Couple that with the fact that in the next two to three years hoteliers are expected to invest 7-8% more on cloud technology and it’s easy to see that the future will lead to the majority of hoteliers adopting new technology with the remaining percentage lagging behind.

Cloud-based hotel software can and will change the hospitality industry with revolutionary features that can provide updated data in real-time. Additionally, increased accessibility, greater profitability, and user-friendly dashboards make cloud-based software enticing for hoteliers.

How has cloud-based hotel software impacted the hospitality industry?

For starters, cloud-based hotel software has the ability to host a property management system (PMS) from a remote location, allowing hoteliers to access property data from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This feature is unique to cloud-based software and eliminates the need for hoteliers to be physically present at their property to be able to check in on daily management operations.

Unlike locally installed hospitality software, cloud-based systems are hosted by a vendor’s server and give hoteliers a single, scalable system that’s flexible and easily updated. These are just a few of the reasons the hospitality industry is approaching a turning point in terms of cloud technology adoption.

Furthermore, cloud-based hotel software allows property owners and managers to:

  • Eliminate the need for manual data sharing and processing
  • Give staff more mobility and accessibility around the property (i.e. staff can view and update housekeeping status in real-time)
  • Take advantage of frequent software updates and enhancements instead of waiting to download and install new versions of their software
  • Accelerate hotel check-in / out
  • Easily integrate their PMS software with third-party tools and services


Key features of cloud-based hotel systems to benefit your property

Cloud-based hotel software has been shown to boost productivity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. By automating mundane daily tasks, staff can spend more time attending to guests, thus improving the customer service experience.

Additionally, through the centralization of operations, hoteliers can eliminate the need for on-premise servers at each property. This can mean a tremendous amount of savings on maintenance costs. In fact, the hotel group, Triple C Hotels and Resorts, reported a 60% savings on software costs when they switched to Cloudbeds’ cloud-based hospitality software.


Cloud-based hotel software and data security

Cyber attacks and tighter regulations on privacy policies have made the need to protect guest information more important than ever. This topic is a main concern for those considering switching to a cloud-based PMS system since data servers are hosted off premises. Thankfully, cloud-based systems undergo frequent security updates to guard against cyber attacks and reduce liability risk.

The high-level security standards followed by cloud-based hotel software is due in part to its rigid compliance with PCI requirements. For example, Cloudbeds hospitality software implements periodic auto-logoff features that require users to re-enter their password, two-factor authentication for an added level of user verification, and automatic removal of guest credit card data after 14 days. With the addition of advanced intrusion detection for suspicious activity, hoteliers with cloud-based hotel software can feel secure that their data and that of their guests are safe.


Preparing for future growth

Unlike locally installed software, one of the more attractive elements of using a cloud-based hotel software system is the ability to adapt, grow, and integrate with hospitality future trends. In an industry that is always changing, this kind of flexibility is priceless. Flexible software options mean that changes can be made across multiple properties simultaneously, allowing market-leading innovations to be introduced faster for operations, online booking and customer service.


Increase your return on investment

In the simplest terms, cloud-based hotel software cuts costs for properties in order to help gain revenue.

Unlike conventional hotel software models that require hoteliers to purchase licenses and hardware, cloud-based hotel software is sold as a service that enables clients to add on as many or as few tools and features as needed. This makes it incredibly customizable with seamless integration for each client and ultimately saves money.

In fact, a study by Frost and Sullivan showed that businesses can cut IT costs in half by implementing cloud-based computing solutions to customer support.

With cloud-based hotel software, hoteliers can say goodbye to traditional cost burdens like:

  • The initial investment of the on-premise software installment
  • Server purchase and maintenance
  • Assorted software to support the main system
  • Ongoing maintenance and service cost

A hotel cloud-based system is one simple solution, accessible from anywhere.


Final thoughts

It’s clear that the future of hospitality management includes embracing new technology and cloud-based hotel software solutions are at the forefront of that industry movement. A cloud-based PMS can change the way hoteliers do business and it’s already changing the hospitality industry for the better.

Interested in finding out what Cloudbeds can do for your hospitality business? Book a free demo today.


Published on 30 November, 2018
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