Standard Operating Procedures: Health and Safety Guidelines

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Hospitality experts expect cleanliness standards to be a high priority to guests even after the pandemic is over. This has created a ‘new normal’ in the hospitality industry – where travelers and guests prioritize safety and hygiene measures when choosing their accommodation.  

To ensure your property meets the needs of the market and guest expectations, a specific plan, and documented protocols are vital. If your property does not have SOPs, this is a perfect opportunity to start. In the hospitality industry, well-defined SOPs help deliver the best guest experience, ensure service and safety standards, lower costs, reduce errors, and provide faster employee onboarding. 

If your property is already utilizing standard operating procedures, it is recommended that they are updated to enhance guest and employee safety.

In this ebook, we help you get started with COVID-safe policy recommendations and share tips on how to enhance some procedures. 

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