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Engage and delight guests at every step of their journey
Whistle for Cloudbeds delivers 5-star guest engagement from discovery to post-stay.

Easily communicate with guests before, during and after their stay.

Effortlessly stay connected with your guests using multiple messaging channels, a unified inbox, and automated translations. You can now communicate with guests in their preferred language and mode of communication at any time.

Streamline multiple messaging channels into one inbox

Responding to guests is a breeze with our unified inbox, which includes SMS, email, WhatsApp, Airbnb,, and more. No matter how guests prefer to get in touch, you can easily manage all communications in one place.

Automate responses to frequently asked questions

Our AI-powered responses and website chatbot empower you to deliver timely support to a larger volume of guests around the clock.

Welcome international guests in their native language

Break language barriers with automated translations. Seamlessly connect with guests from all over the world, regardless of their origin.

Reach more guests and increase open rates

With a 93% open rate, Whistle for Cloudbeds allows you to reach 300x more guests ensuring your messages are seen and your communication is effective.

Personalize the guest experience while saving time for both guests and staff.

Create a frictionless experience for your guests even before their arrival with automated messaging and digital registration.

Connect with guests through personalized messaging

By leveraging messaging automation, you can establish meaningful connections with your guests, starting from before they arrive and continuing even after their stay.

Provide a seamless check-in

Offer a frictionless check-in experience by providing guests with a digital registration form to sign before their arrival. Collect guest identification, documents, and signatures seamlessly, with a direct sync to your Cloudbeds PMS.

Highlight important property details

Prepare your guests for arrival and showcase essential property information with a customizable digital guestbook and digital key codes.

Ease staff communication

Bring your internal team communication together in one place using team chat, tasks, tickets, and inspections to ensure guests' expectations are met.

Boost your revenue per reservation by offering tailored upsell opportunities.

Increase revenue by providing guests the services and amenities they want with a digital marketplace and targeted offers.

Drive more revenue with upsell opportunities

Guests can effortlessly enhance their experience by accessing a personalized upsell marketplace for convenience purchases.

Personalize the guest experience with targeted offers

Deliver targeted offers throughout the customer journey to highlight relevant promotions, packages, services, and special deals that enhance their experience.

Enjoy flexible payment configurations

Guests can easily charge items to their folio, syncing directly with the Cloudbeds PMS or integrating with Stripe.

Customize messaging campaigns and increase ROI

Tailor campaigns for different guest segments, whether you want to target guests from conferences and events or drive repeat business.

Enhance customer satisfaction with easy guest experience management software.

By engaging in real-time messaging, responding promptly, and actively tracking guests’ feedback, you can significantly boost guest satisfaction and improve review scores.

Achieve more service recovery

Whistle for Cloudbeds helps properties achieve 24% more service recovery opportunities by utilizing in-stay surveys and automations to promptly address any service issues while the guest is still on the property.

Delight guests with seamless communication

Streamlined communication between guests and staff ensures requests are received quickly and efficiently while enabling instant alerts to management regarding any negative customer feedback.

Track and improve operational efficiency

Effectively track performance using a built-in analytics and insights dashboard.

Increase guest review scores

With seamless integration to TripAdvisor, guests can bypass the hassle of creating an account and have their reviews automatically verified for authenticity.
Whistle integrates right into Cloudbeds seamlessly. Our staff saves an estimated seven hours per week by automating our pre-arrival communication. Plus, we are able to respond to in-stay requests more quickly, ensuring our guests are happy.
- Chris Hilt, General Manager, Orchard Canyon

Engage your guests at every touchpoint
- before, during and after their stay


Engage with guests prior to their arrival with an integrated live chat, automated messages, digital registration, and digital guestbook to ensure a seamless check-in and arrivals experience.
Engage guests with live chat and an AI-powered chatbot
Increase upsells with messaging automation and offers
Streamline operations with digital registration, marketplace, and guestbook
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Your team can efficiently handle guest requests and address any service issues while the guest is on the property, thanks to powerful automation and a unified inbox.
Communicate via unified inbox, multi-channel, and team messaging
Easily organize tickets, tasks, inspections, and workflows
Enact in-stay surveys and receive negative feedback alerts


Increase guest satisfaction and drive repeat business by responding to and tracking guests' reviews in real-time. Hotels that increase their review scores by 1 point can increase price by 11% (source: Cornell University).
Receive feedback via automated messages
Boost your review scores by connecting with TripAdvisor
Track and monitor guest sentiment
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Real reviews from lodging businesses like yours

"Whistle for Cloudbeds is a big help to both our staff and guests in terms of increasing and improving communication between parties to make things more seamless.."
Kevin Bowen
Director of Operations, The Pad, Silverthorne
"Whistle has impacted the guest experience pretty substantially. The ease of access to support from our front desk team, the ability to request any number of things from your cell phone really takes a lot off of the guests' plate. "
Anthony Gutierrez
General Manager a The Pearl , Casetta Group
"Cloudbeds is so simple and really helped me understand some of the more difficult concepts, develop strategies, and better train staff members to deliver memorable experiences to guests."
Bernardo Thierstein
General Manager at The ZERO Box Lodge Porto
"With Cloudbeds I have a system that’s both easy to use and robust, helping me provide an exceptional and safe experience for my guests."
Annie Coe
Owner of The Cabot Lodge
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Get the Upsell Playbook

The key to a successful upsell strategy is understanding your target demographics and inserting meaningful upsell opportunities throughout the entire guest journey, from discovery to post-stay.

In this guide, we cover how to use guest engagement software to increase revenue throughout the guest journey.

Ready to boost your guest satisfaction, ratings & revenue with the #1 guest messaging system?

Talk to our team.

Thank you for your interest in Whistle for Cloudbeds. Please check your email for more information.
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What is guest experience?

The hotel guest experience, also called GX, is a guest's overall impression of your property. While most customer experience in the hotel industry is drawn from interactions on property, such as with the front desk staff or concierge, hoteliers should be aware that it also includes pre-arrival and post-stay experiences. Guest experience can even include the discovery stage of the guest journey, as potential guests can make an impression of your property from their digital experience using your hotel website and even your pricing.

What is smart guest experience?

In the hospitality industry, a smart guest experience comes from a combination of anticipating your guests’ needs and using technology to provide an easy and seamless experience, such as contactless check-in. While personalized experiences and service and proper hotel management and staffing will always play a role in traditional guest experience, smart guest experience utilizes technology such as customer experience management software and other apps and management tools to unify your team, help you predict your guests’ needs, and elevate your guest experience beyond expectations.

What is guest experience management?

Guest experience management involves organizing your hotel operations to service guest needs, address their requests, and exceed their expectations at every touchpoint possible. Proper guest experience management means anticipating guest needs, fulfilling requests, personalizing service, and addressing and amending complaints. It also involves using management tools to track customer data, customer engagement metrics, and satisfaction as a way to increase guest retention and build lasting customer relationships.

What is the difference between guest experience software and guest management software?

Guest experience software and guest management software share similar, intuitive features. A property management system (PMS) often has built-in functionality to help with guest management, such as handling guest data, while guest experience software can help modernize and facilitate processes by providing digital services like pre-check-in, contactless check-in, digital keys, and enhanced guest communication. A guest experience platform provider should have features to manage both the guest experience and management of guest data that is essential for hotel operations. To distinguish the two:

guest experience management software features include -

  • enhanced guest communication tools, such as a unified inbox for responding to guest messages in their preferred mode of communication and language, and Live Chat or chatbot
  • automated messaging and notifications to request guest feedback and reviews
  • streamlined communication for your staff
  • data and analytics to track your performance

and guest management software features include -

  • guest profile creation and storage
  • reservations management
  • information on guest arrival, departure, and room status
  • analytics and reporting on your guest demographics

What does a guest management system do?

A guest management system helps you manage all of your guest data and processes for check-in and check-out. It can also help you gather data about your guests and their preferences so you can make more informed decisions about how to enhance your guest experience.
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