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Accidental Overbooking Checklist

No matter how many precautions you take to prevent overbookings, your Front Desk team may still come across one. Therefore, they must be prepared to manage an overbooked guest.

Having a checklist can help your staff stay calm and skillfully handle the situation. This way, you can maintain guest satisfaction and prevent negative reviews.


Here are some tips to help your team deal with overbookings:


  • Display genuine care, empathy, concern, and understanding.

  • Be patient but firm, and don’t let the guest’s emotions control yours.

  • Partner with neighboring hotels that offer comparable quality, guest experience, and location.

  • Prepare ahead of time. Monitor your PMS in case it alerts you about overbookings.

  • If a guest needs to be relocated, consider the dates, duration of their stay and their status.

  • Be aware of the industry-standard compensation so you cover the cost of a night, tax and transportation to the other accommodation.


You can modify any of the checklists to fit your property needs.

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