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Infinitely scalable: Build your ideal hotel tech stack with a modern platform

Lana Cook

By Lana Cook

The hospitality industry has been notoriously slow to innovate, relying on outdated, siloed systems that make running day-to-day operations a struggle.

Modern technology providers, like Cloudbeds, have acknowledged the inefficiencies caused by legacy systems and have introduced a new standard in hotel technology – a unified, cloud-native platform backed by an open API that fundamentally reimagines the essence of great hospitality. 

Today’s reality embraces:

  • A unified platform. Delivering comprehensive value across every aspect of property management.
  • Open API. The opportunity to integrate different tools depending on your property’s unique needs.


At its core, the Cloudbeds Platform offers:

  • An intuitive property management system (PMS) that empowers teams to boost revenue, streamline operations, and delight guests all within one unified system.
  • A channel manager with real-time, two-way synchronization to manage all channels, rooms, and rates in a single, user-friendly platform. 
  • A powerful booking engine that turns your website into your top-performing booking channel. 
  • Integrated finance and payments designed specifically for the hospitality industry to reduce manual entry errors and consolidate all payment information within your PMS.


Moreover, the flexibility to enhance property performance with specialized add-ons allows for tailored optimization in key areas, including operations, revenue management, guest experience, and digital marketing.

Unified platforms offer more than just a change; it’s a complete rewriting of the rules for exceptional hospitality, combining the benefits of an all-in-one platform with the flexibility of an open API. 


Common integrations: Tailoring your tech ecosystem

No two properties are alike, making the need for versatile and adaptable technology solutions paramount. Modern cloud-based platforms are designed with this flexibility in mind, accommodating a wide array of integrations with top-tier applications. This adaptability ensures that whatever your specific needs might be, there’s a seamless way to integrate solutions that enhance operational efficiency.


What is an API? 

APIs connect software applications using a defined set of protocols, tools, and standards, allowing them to share data and communicate with one another. Open, cloud-based hospitality platforms are built with open API standards, making integration with additional applications easier and more cost-effective. 

The platform model allows data to flow freely between integrated systems, consolidating data into a single profile while solving issues like data silos, duplication, and manual entry. The best part is that it provides flexibility for properties of all types and sizes to connect the tools they need (via integration partners or custom builds). 


Cloudbeds API: Deep two-way integrations

Cloudbeds offers lodging businesses a powerful open API with deep two-way integrations. It is a gateway for innovation and connection, allowing information to completely flow in and out of the platform for better data synchronization.

We’re able to push updates as they’re made to products and features so that hoteliers always have the most up-to-date system. Lodging businesses can use our API to craft custom solutions or utilize our marketplace partners for fast and efficient integrations. 

Common integration categories include:

Government compliance. Easily adapt to local regulations with integrations designed for compliance, helping you navigate the complexities of legal requirements. 

Digital check-in. Implement digital check-in solutions to provide a seamless, contactless arrival experience, enhancing guest convenience and safety.

Smart door locks. Integrate with smart door lock systems to offer keyless entry, boosting security and guest satisfaction.

Upselling tools. Employ strategic upselling solutions to maximize revenue through tailored guest offers and promotions.

Room controls. Connect with smart room control systems for a more personalized guest experience, offering convenience and energy efficiency.

Accounting and finance. Automate and streamline your financial process and ensure regulatory compliance. 

Groups and events. Manage everything from event bookings, contracts, orders, payments, and more. 

Point-of-sale. Conduct seamless transactions across bars, restaurants, cafes, gift shops, and more. 

With modern platforms, the saying ‘if you can dream it, you can build it’ truly comes to life. The right integrations ensure you meet the demands of the hospitality industry and are positioned to quickly adapt and evolve as new trends and technologies emerge.


Visit the Cloudbeds Marketplace to learn more about our integrations.


How properties are leveraging Cloudbeds 

The Cloudbeds Platform stands as a testament to the power of modern technology in revolutionizing the hospitality industry. From large-scale independents and boutique hotels to hostels and motel groups, properties of all types and sizes are leveraging the Cloudbeds Platform differently.

Here, we explore a few ways the Cloudbeds Platform can be used by properties to build a seamless, automated tech stack. 


10-room boutique hotel 

A 10-room boutique hotel in Charlotte looking to modernize and streamline operations.

  • The Cloudbeds Platform (PMS, Channel Manager, Booking Engine, Payments)
  • Chekin to automate check-ins and improve the guest experience.



30-room city hotel 

A 30-room hotel in Lisbon looking to improve its reputation management strategy and boost efficiency.

  • The Cloudbeds Platform (PMS, Channel Manager, Booking Engine, Payments, Revenue+).
  • Akia to facilitate contactless check-in. 
  • GuestRevu to monitor guest feedback and improve satisfaction. 
  • Hostkit to automate invoicing and send required guest details to the Portuguese immigration authorities.



50-room beachfront hotel & restaurant

A 50-room hotel in Pa Tong with an on-site restaurant looking to improve efficiency across all areas of operation.

  • The Cloudbeds Platform (PMS, Channel Manager, Booking Engine, Guest Experience+).
  • TM30 by Mexc-Tech for government reporting and compliance. 
  • Poster for point of sale to support the onsite restaurant.
  • Quickbooks for accounting to streamline accounting processes.



100-room transit hotel 

A 100-room hotel in Mexico City near the airport with an on-site bar looking to increase occupancy and ADR. 

  • The Cloudbeds Platform (PMS, Channel Manager, Booking Engine, Digital Marketing+, Operations+).
  • RoomPriceGenie for revenue management to help implement dynamic revenue management strategies and real-time pricing optimization.
  • Quickbooks for accounting to streamline accounting processes.
  • Welcome Pickups for airport pick up and drop off. 
  • Xperium for guest registration and upsells to enhance the guest experience and capitalize on upsell opportunities.



250-bed hostel

A 250-bed hostel in the heart of London with daily activities and tours looking to increase occupancy and ADR.

  • The Cloudbeds Platform (PMS, Booking Engine, Channel Manager, Operations+, Guest Experience+)
  • Goki, a keyless entry system & check-in software to improve the guest experience.
  • FLYR (Pace) for revenue management to help implement dynamic revenue management strategies.
  • Lightspeed point of sale to support the onsite bar.



These examples demonstrate how the Cloudbeds Platform, with its core functionalities and integration capabilities, serves as a cornerstone for properties of varying sizes and styles to construct their ideal tech stacks. Backed by a modern PMS, hoteliers can select the applications that best fit their needs and easily plug them into the system. 


A transformative shift in hotel technology 

Cloudbeds is redefining what a hotel tech stack looks like. Instead of siloed systems with fractured workflows and a poor user experience, lodging businesses can shift to a unified platform. Browse marketplace partners or create custom integrations to ensure you have the tools your business needs to operate effectively. 


Build your ideal tech stack with Cloudbeds.
Published on 09 April, 2024
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About Lana Cook

Lana Cook

Lana Cook is a Content Writer at Cloudbeds where she is able to combine her love of writing and passion for travel. She has spent the last few years writing about all things technology and the ways in which it can be used to help businesses thrive. When she’s not busy writing, you can find her checking out the latest movie or searching for a new TV show to binge.

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