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Save time and money with Cloudbeds Payments
Save up to 10 hours per week with integrated payment processing designed specifically for the hospitality industry.

Streamline your operations with one integrated system

Save time and reduce manual entry errors with reservation and guest credit card information collected together in your property management system.

Accept payments anytime, anywhere, any way

Accept credit card payments from your booking engine, OTAs, front desk POS terminals, and payment links.

Centralize your financial operations

Eliminate errors from manual entry and reporting transactions in multiple platforms since all guest card data and payment information flows directly to the reservation in the PMS.

Enjoy quick reconciliation and reporting

Cut your processing, reconciliation, and reporting time down by up to 90% with access to all your transaction data in one place.

Automate and instantly process credit card transactions

Make the online payment experience convenient for your guests and free your front desk staff from the hassle of dealing with credit cards at check-in.

Automate payment capture

Create online booking automations to collect deposits or pre-payments on a schedule according to your rate rules.

Protect revenue with authorization

Pre-authorize credit cards to validate and hold funds for future payments or guarantees to enforce your payment policies.

Streamline payment management

With integrated and automated payments, you can eliminate the need to track and report transactions across multiple platforms, simplifying accounting, reconciliation, and even tax preparation.

Make losing revenue to chargebacks a thing of the past

Let our team of payments experts help you avoid fraud and solve dispute issues so you can focus on running your business and delighting your guests.

Get support from hospitality experts

Our in-house payments experts understand your unique hospitality business and provide all payments-related support and risk analysis.

Benefit from fraud detection

Our hospitality risk detection engine identifies and alerts you to potential fraudulent activities and high-risk credit cards, reducing your exposure to fraud.

Experience expert dispute management

Our dedicated Risk Team will help you with expert guidance on minimizing chargebacks, promptly notifying you of any disputes and providing support in formulating effective responses.

Cloudbeds protects you and your guest data

Cloudbeds Payments meets all global credit card security requirements and adheres to the highest hotel industry best standards for enhanced customer protection.

Meet global security standards

Cloudbeds Payments is PCI DSS Level 1 security-certified, is PSD2 and SCA compliant, and supports 3D Secure authentication.

Protect data with tokenization and encryption

To ensure end-to-end security, card details are securely passed on as tokens, while sensitive data is encrypted, reducing the risk of theft or misuse.

Reduce liability with authentication and fraud detection

Our streamlined authorization process, including use of the Address Verification System, ensures your guests have sufficient funds and verifies their identity – reducing your liability and boosting card approval rates.
With Cloudbeds Payments, reconciliation is no longer an issue. Cloudbeds has reduced my reconciliation time from 10 hours to 15 minutes. There are never any issues and there are never any discrepancies.
- Jasmin Wilson, Front Desk Manager, Dahl’s Motel

Make secure payment processing convenient
for your guests and easy for your staff

Many ways to pay

Give your guests the flexibility and convenience of paying using their preferred method, both online and in-person.
Accept global credit cards, digital wallets, Pay by Link, and regional services
Benefit from hospitality industry-specific underwriting that helps with payment authorization
Use optional point-of-sale terminals* that support chip, tap-to-pay, and swipe transactions
*Not available in all countries.
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Integrated reporting

Use the platform reports to track everything you need to run your business operations, performance, and forecasting.
Access one-click payment processing and payouts reports
Get comprehensive financial reporting that uses data from across the Cloudbeds platform
Reconcile with monthly statements documenting transactions and fees

One partner, one system

Cloudbeds Payments is integrated with the Cloudbeds platform for a simple and seamless experience.
Take advantage of our in-house payment support team
Eliminate the need to track and report transactions across multiple platforms
Enjoy a fast and simple setup process and start accepting payments in minutes
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Real reviews from lodging businesses like yours

"I don't have to check five different systems because Cloudbeds is my booking engine, website, channel manager, PMS, and revenue management tool."
Marco Leibundgut
Co-owner and Host at Bogentrakt
"If Apple were to make a Property Management System, that would be Cloudbeds. "
Kevin Bowen
Director of Operations at The Pad Silverthorne
"I wanted a one-stop shop. 54% of our revenue now comes from direct bookings."
Carlos Gonzalez
Owner of The Vaquero Motel
"With Cloudbeds I have a system that’s both easy to use and robust, helping me provide an exceptional and safe experience for my guests."
Annie Coe
Owner of The Cabot Lodge
"Everything is smoother with Cloudbeds. Our channel manager, PMS and Booking Engine are fully integrated."
Victor Menor
Operations Manager at Flor Parks Hotel
"Having Cloudbeds changed our user and hotel management experience at our hotels. It's very simple to both implement and use, and allows us to have a clear vision of how the hotels are doing no matter where we are."
Florencia Le Rose
Co-owner of Up Hoteles
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Take control of payment processing at your property

Payments are complicated, but Cloudbeds is here to help make them simple. Our guide to hotel payment processing answers top questions about major payment players, terms, methods, and processing fees. Discover how to prevent and manage chargebacks and fraud, and more.

Gain the knowledge and confidence you need to take control of payment processing at your property and increase efficiency, revenue, cost savings, and guest satisfaction.

Start simplifying and automating your payment processing with Cloudbeds Payments.

Thank you for your interest in CB Payments. Please check your email for more information.
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Why is it important to have a hotel payment system?

All hoteliers and hosts need to have a payment solution in place if they want to accept all payment types, especially online payments. Payments can be made in multiple ways, including mobile payments, contactless payments, cash, credit, or debit cards, and even direct bank transfers from a guest’s bank account. With so many new payment methods and preferences, having a modern payment system that is secure, convenient for guests and staff, and versatile are most important.

What are the benefits of using an online hotel payment system?

By implementing an online payment system on your website’s booking engine, you can take payments from guests in any currency 24/7, increasing your reservations and revenue. With a website booking engine showing your pricing and availability in real-time and integrated with your payments system and PMS, you’ll receive direct reservations while you sleep! Plus, payments from these online bookings will be processed more efficiently and promptly.

What is the best payment system for hospitality?

In the hospitality industry, a payment solution that combines a payment processor, payment gateway, and merchant account and is integrated with your PMS is the best type of payment setup. This is because all of your data and services will be in one place and your guest payment data will be synced with your PMS, eliminating errors from manual entry and reporting transactions in multiple platforms. Companies like Stripe, Square, and PayPal can act as both a payment processor and a payment gateway. In the hotel industry, technology companies like Cloudbeds do so as well, helping hotels save costs and bypass the need for a merchant bank account.

Additionally, an ideal payment processing software provider should specialize in hospitality-based payments and provide risk analysis and support services for resolving disputes. This is because the travel industry is infamous for having one of the highest rates of fraud and chargebacks among major sectors due to the high proportion of card-not-present transactions, relatively high transaction amounts, and lag time between bookings and stays. A partner like Cloudbeds that has an in-house team dedicated to minimizing chargebacks and promptly notifying you of any disputes can save you time and money and reduce the amount of unwarranted refunds issued to guests by their banks.

What is the difference between a payment gateway and a payment processor?

For online payments, a payment gateway is an entity that collects credit card information and transfers it securely to the payment processor. Alternatively, the payment processor is the provider of the hardware and software needed to process payment transactions and facilitate the transfer of funds.

What are the most popular guest payment methods for hotels?

Payment methods and preferences are always evolving, and by giving your guest many payment options, you enhance your guest experience. The most popular payment methods include cash, credit or debit cards, mobile wallet, and virtual payment.

The major, global credit card providers include Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

A mobile or digital wallet (sometimes also called an e-wallet) is an application like Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay that stores payment method information on a mobile device to allow for contactless and cashless payments.

A virtual payment or a virtual credit card (VCC) is a temporary credit card number issued by a bank, allowing people and businesses to make online payments without revealing actual card details. OTAs like and Expedia often use VCCs to send payments to hotels.

What type of payments does Cloudbeds Payments accept?

We support credit cards, Pay by Link, mobile wallets, and regional services, and our hospitality underwriting helps with authorization. Payments are safe and easy and all transactions are managed in the Cloudbeds platform.

Where is Cloudbeds Payments available?

Cloudbeds Payments is currently available in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore, with more countries and regions being added regularly.
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