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Email remains one of the best and easiest ways to stay in contact with your guests before, during, and after their stay. It also gives you the ability to build a relationship with your guests even before they’ve checked in. What essentials should a guest email include to be useful, timely, and relevant? Below you’ll find the four most common email templates for hotels that you can adapt for your property right away.  If you’d like to see more examples, download our comprehensive ebook with customizable email templates.

Moreover – and perhaps most importantly – email continues to be one of the most preferred communication channels for consumers: A global study from Twilio found that a whopping 83% of consumers prefer email when receiving communications from businesses. With the majority of hotels sending emails to guests, it continues to be an essential channel in the hotel industry. To learn more about using email as a guest marketing tool, check out our step-by-step guide to hotel email marketing.


Firstly, what makes good guest communication?

It’s on-brand. First and foremost, the email must match your brand’s look and feel: the colors should match, the font should be familiar, and the imagery should align with your brand promise. Also, the content must be written in your brand voice. If you have a playful brand and the email is overly serious, it creates dissonance.

It’s useful. This pertains especially to pre-stay communications, which should provide value to the guest in the form of useful information about the upcoming stay. Other examples of useful information include where to park, what to do when you get there, or special events that guests may want to consider.

It’s relevant. In the Twilio study mentioned above, 56% of consumers hate communications that aren’t relevant. So make your emails relevant! If you’re adding upsell opportunities to your email campaigns, make sure that those offers align as closely as possible with what you know about the guest. 

It’s timely. Not only should you give guests useful, relevant information, but you must also do it at the right time! Usually, this is when it’s top-of-mind, such as a few days before arrival or the instant a booking is created. 

Let’s get to the 4 most common email templates for hospitality properties.


#1: Hotel booking confirmation email template

Objective: To provide instant booking confirmation with all relevant details for the guest’s records. Booking confirmation gives guests peace of mind and reduces the volume of concerned calls from guests who have not received a confirmation email. Remember that most guests are accustomed to the instant response of e-commerce, so manually sending out confirmation emails may not meet the expectations of today’s travelers.

Things to include: Reservation number/booking ID, hotel room type, dates of stay, check-in/check-out times, cost breakdown, location and contact information, cancellation policy, and social media profiles

How often to update: You should update the booking confirmation email template every few weeks to include upcoming events, special limited-time offers, and other items of interest for your guests. By using this email communication as a marketing startegy, you should be able to boost your incremental revenue opportunities.  


Template Example

SUBJECT: Your booking at [hotel name] is confirmed – Confirmation #[conf number]


Hi [first name],

Thank you for choosing [hotel name]. We look forward to hosting your stay. 

Here are your booking details:


Reservation Confirmation Number: [conf number]

Room Type: [room type]

Arrival date: [start date] 

Departure date: [end date]

Special requests: [special requests]


Address: [hotel address 1] 

Cancellations: [custom cancellation policy]

If you need to make changes or require assistance, please call [hotel phone] or email us at [hotel email]. 


We look forward to welcoming you in [hotel city] soon!

[hotel name]


Download the free ebook for access to this template and more!



#2: Pre-arrival hotel email template

Objective: To get the guest excited about their upcoming stay while also providing important information to put their mind at ease. It’s so much easier for the guests to find a recent email than dig around for a booking confirmation. By sending out the pre-arrival email, you’ll resurface the relevant booking details and provide a useful resource for your guests’ upcoming stay.

Things to include: This email tends to be longer than the confirmation email. Include all of the relevant booking details (most of which will be repeated from the confirmation email), such as reservation number, room type, and length of stay. It’s not common to see a cost breakdown in these emails, but be sure to include functional details. You also want to include property information (such as check-in details, where to park, house rules, and upcoming events) and relevant upsells (like room upgrades, in-destination activities, and discounts for the cafe or spa treatment). It’s also really common – and highly recommended –  to include a link to a local guide curated by your property.

How often to update: Similar to the booking confirmation, you’ll want to align updates with your property’s event calendar. And, as long as you’re using a third-party integration (see the last section for more details) to automatically match upsell offers with each guest’s profile, the template won’t need to be updated as often.


Template Example

SUBJECT: Your upcoming stay at [hotel name] – Reservation # [conf number]

Hi [first name],

Your stay is just around the corner! Here are a few details to make your visit more pleasant:  

Reservation # [conf number]

Guest name: [full name]

Number of nights: [nights]

Arrival date: [start date] 

Departure date: [end date]

Room type: [room type]

Check in: __:__ {fill in with your check in time}

Check out: __:__ {fill in with you check out time}

Address: [hotel address 1] 

Parking: {ADD RELATIVE PARKING INFO} (e.g. Parking is easy and complimentary: just grab a spot anywhere in the lot directly adjacent to the hotel or add details about your parking fee.)  

Important information: {Use this section to add details such as: HOUSE RULES, ANNOUNCEMENTS, POLICIES, PAYMENT DETAILS, WIFI INFO, etc} 

Kick-off your stay at [hotel name]

{ADD PROMOTIONS} EXAMPLE: Enjoy daily happy hour in the lobby from 3-6 pm.   

Special Offers:

  • $100 couple’s dinner – includes 3 courses and a bottle of wine. Please call or email to make a reservation. 
  • Half-off Fridays – all appetizers are 50% off every Friday in January.

Get the most out of [city] 

Here’s what’s going on around town this week.


Check out our local guide for hand-picked recommendations on the best places to eat, visit, and explore. 

If you need us, just contact us at [hotel phone number] or [hotel email]

See you soon!

[hotel name]


Download the free ebook for access to this template and more!



#3: Post-stay hotel email template 

Objective: The post-stay email should be focused on two things: Gathering direct feedback from guests and encouraging online reviews. By proactively asking for feedback, you can catch any potential issues before they become less-than-stellar reviews online. By requesting reviews, you’ll also keep up your review frequency – criteria used by most OTAs when determining how to rank your hotel in relevant searches. Don’t forget to reply to your online reviews too! 

Things to include: You want to include a way for guests to reach out directly to the general manager for any specific feedback. You’ll also want to include links to your hotel’s most important review platforms, such as TripAdvisor. 

How often to update: The post-stay email is very direct and transactional. So it will not need to be updated very often. You will want to revisit it at least quarterly to make sure that the URLs are working and that everything else still matches your brand’s communication style.


Template Example

SUBJECT: Thanks for your stay at [hotel name] Would you share your experience?


Hi [first name],

Thanks again for choosing to spend your time in [hotel city] with us! How was your stay at [hotel name]?   

Your feedback is valuable and essential to us and future guests.

Please take a moment to share your experience {ADD LINK TO REVIEW SITE, TripAdvisor, etc.} 

We’re committed to addressing any issues that come up during your stay with us. If you have any comments on how we can improve, please respond to this email directly or give us a call at [hotel phone number]  

We hope that you’ll join us again soon.

[hotel name]


Download the free ebook for access to this template and more!



#4: Re-engagement hotel email template 

Objective: To nurture longer-term relationships with past guests. Re-engagement emails are especially effective when targeting guests within driving distance who may be considering a spontaneous trip.

Things to include: Content related to ongoing events and seasonal activities can entice potential guests to revisit your property. You should also include a call-to-action and any promotional offers made specifically for return guests. 

How often to update: Out of all of the templates, this one is the most dynamic. You want to create re-engagement templates for specific guest segments, which can be easily reused for future marketing campaigns. We recommend updating this template for each re-engagement campaign so that you’re not sending identical emails each time. Also: test your email subject lines to determine which ones perform best!


Template Example

SUBJECT: [hotel name] invites you to experience fall’s vibrant colors



Come experience fall in [hotel city]!

Fall is a great time to come back and visit us to experience the east coast’s most vibrant seasonal changes. From the changing leaves to picking fresh apples, there are endless fall activities for all ages {HINT: YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE THIS EMAIL TO CATER TO COUPLES, SOLO TRAVELERS, FAMILIES, ETC.} 

Here’s a little taste of what you can expect this season. {ADD RELATIVE LINKS AND IMAGES FOR EACH EXAMPLE}

Top 25 Fall Activities in [hotel city] 

Our Favorite Fall Recipes [Great to include if you have an on-site restaurant]

The Top 10 Festival Activities We’re Excited for this Fall Season 

Check out our Instagram {ADD LINK} to track the colors changing at our property. It’s always a beautiful sight!


[hotel name]



Download the free ebook for access to this template and more!



Guest email example: Bode Hotel Nashville 

The email templates for hotels displayed above will give you the basis for your property’s emails, but of course, they must be edited and modified to cater to your property and guests. You can be as creative or straightforward as you like!

Below is an example of an effective, on-brand, and well-thought-out pre-arrival email from Bode Hotel in Nashville. It puts guests at ease by providing everything they need to know about their upcoming stay and also gives them a sense of the type of experience they’re in for. Providing this important information in advance reduces uncertainty and sets the tone for the next stay. And, if there are any further questions, it makes it clear how best to get in touch.  

Even though they may be automated, these emails set the tone and highlight your property’s responsiveness. Take a look at the template below to see how it’s done. 

nashville bode


Tools to automate your guest communication

Automation is a hotelier’s best friend. It increases consistency, reduces errors, and eliminates tedious manual work, saving you a ton of time. Guest communications, like pre- and post-stay emails (follow-up), are perfectly suited for automation. Rather than manually pulling this information into an email for each guest before arrival, the automated workflow takes care of it seamlessly. 

Beyond the positive impact on the guest experience and time efficiency, automation can also power your incremental revenues by offering perfectly timed upsells and boosting your hotel’s online reputation by capturing more guest reviews.  

hotel email templates

At Cloudbeds, we built an email automation system that ties directly into our property management system to streamline communications across the guest journey. That way, you don’t have to flip between multiple systems; your staff only has one system to learn. Email templates can be customized with the information that’s most important to your guests and then scheduled based on triggers, such as new bookings, check-ins, or reservation changes.


In addition to our own all-in-one automation tool, we integrate with other services (via the Cloudbeds marketplace) that empower your property with automated communications. Here are a few options:

  • GuestJoy helps you manage your guest communication at all stages of their stay. The service also aids in gathering guest reviews and offering concierge services and targeted upsells. 
  • Experience Hotel is a Guest Experience CRM that includes automated upsells, requests for feedback and reviews, and loyalty/rewards campaigns. It’s all driven by dynamic marketing communications based on each guest’s profile.  


You’ll enjoy a sustained and straightforward guest communications strategy once you build out powerful hotel email templates and set your automation rules. You’ll never have to send these types of emails again manually.

One final piece of advice: revisit your templates and automation periodically to be sure that everything is still functioning as it should. One indicator of a potential problem is if you notice a sudden dip in open rates or guests complain that they did not receive an email. 

Take the time to analyze results, improve your templates, and optimize to turn your property’s email channel into a digital marketing source of incremental revenue.


Learn how Cloudbeds Hospitality Platform can help you with email automation.

Published on 23 April, 2020 | Updated on 14 July, 2023
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