The 12 Most Popular Blogs We Shared in 2016

By Alex Gaggioli, December 6, 2016


All year long we’ve been spreading the knowledge with content that we hope you’ve found helpful. We dug into our analytics and identified the most popular posts of 2016. Our most popular posts this year covered all sorts of topics from industry trends to operating costs to direct bookings. It is my pleasure to present to you, the 12 most popular blog posts we shared this year.

  1. Hospitality Industry Trends to Watch in 2016

Our most popular article of the year talked about what we expected to come out of 2016. We made some accurate predictions and still waiting on others to come to fruition. Some trends will carry over into 2017 and far beyond while we may never see others take the limelight. Read the article and be on the lookout for Hospitality Industry Trends 2017 coming later this month.

  1. Analysis of Major Online Travel Agencies

This “living” list of online travel agencies makes the most popular list for the second time in a row. We created a resource of all the major online travel agencies and included information important to hoteliers. This includes typical commission rates, number of properties, and what property types would most benefit from their service. If you run an independent property and you’re looking to add more distribution channels, you will find this guide especially useful.

  1. Hotel Operating Costs

A huge part of running a successful property is managing your costs. Without a little care and patience, it’s easy to waste money on operating costs. Here, we walk through the biggest cost contributors from labor to energy to marketing. We offer insights into how to decrease your regular spend, and a lot of it has to do with increasing communication with your guests (i.e. towel reuse programs). Conduct an audit of your monthly cost contributors and you’ll discover there’s always room for improvement.

  1. Hospitality Marketing Trends for 2017

At the end of 2015, on top of our hospitality trends piece, we also made predictions on how marketing would evolve and grow in 2016. Video continues to dominate and email is still one of the best ways to communicate with your guests. It’s important to do research on your consumer base to understand who you’re talking to and the most appropriate messages.

  1. 6 Reports that Your Hotel Should Run Every Night

We talked a lot about reporting in 2016 and how important it is to your business. Our property management system added a bunch of new reports this year that help independent properties get a leg up over powerful, large properties. Included in this post is the room and tax report, shift audit report, departures report, arrivals report, housekeeping report, and continuous report.

  1. Analysis of Major Online European Travel Agencies

Like our first analysis of major online travel agencies, the European version walks through the most popular OTAs appropriate for EU properties. Find commission rates, distribution size, as well as other helpful tips. If you run a property in Europe, or want to target European travelers, check it out.

  1. Creating a Profitable Distribution Strategy

Distribution is a huge deal. It’s always a good idea to shake up your distribution strategy because you never know where you may attract positive attention. Here we walk through how to identify good distribution partners and how to make your site the most attractive booking site.

  1. How to Identify Your Hotel’s Target Market

Your hotel’s target market is important for several reasons, but the most important one is that it gives you a jumping off point for all your marketing communications. By identifying your target market, you’re also able to benchmark your competition.

  1. Responding to Negative Hotel Reviews

This post walks through how and why you should you take reputation management seriously. These days, it only takes a couple clicks for a disgruntled guest to take out their frustrations online and become a keyboard warrior. But online reputation sites aren’t all bad, they’re a great way to attract new guests, so make sure you ask your happy guests to leave reviews.

  1. How the Sharing Economy Influences Hospitality

Airbnb played a major role in shaping hospitality industry conversations this year. Here, we took a look at how the sharing economy could potentially harm traditional accommodation types. While the sharing economy is open to allowing traditional inventory on their site, there are still real long-term risks if these sites succeed in transforming the way we travel.

  1. 8 Functions that Your Property Management System Needs

Property management systems have the potential to transform a small to medium-sized independent property. With advanced tools and simple workflows, property owners and operators save time and get back to what they love doing. These are the tools that we think will make the largest impact.

  1. 8 Ways to Dominate Direct bookings

As we mentioned above, a solid distribution management plan will use direct bookings as its foundation. These eight tips will help make the most of your direct booking efforts including everything from website design to reputation management.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for another year of hospitality industry topics, trends, and other hot tips.

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